Our personal BITCH

  • Our personal BITCH

    cuckie is here to do whatever We want, no matter how belittling or embarrassing. That's the only reason he was allowed to come and serve in real life.

    After Goddess Naomi finds a hole in Her new dress She demands the loser call the front desk and request a sewing kit. After hanging up I make him rush down to retrieve it.

    While the bitchboi is gone I take a moment to read his pathetic little card to Me and check out the bouquet of flowers, and have a good laugh at it all w/ Naomi. Once he's back I repair the hole and We continue on in making Our bitch cater to Us.

    We want drinks, and Our loser makes them just how We like them and he will even get to enjoy them too since We're spitting it right back in his face! Enjoy it, you pathetic idiot! This is the closest you get to enjoying alcoholic beverages with Us when you're the driver for the night! Hahaha!<br><br>

    (Video is from 2009)

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    • Spitting
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